Odushola, New Boxing Promoter Reveals Plans Big For Young Boxers

From Ogundele Olanrewaju

A Nigerian United State of America based boxing promoter, Jonathan Odushola has revealed his big plans for the Nigerian young boxers that are aspiring to make a good living via pugilism.

Odushola stated this after securing a promotion’s boxing license from the Nigeria Boxing Board of Control (NBBofC), saying he is ready to invest in Nigerian boxing and give our home-grown talents the opportunity to show their quality and guide them to stardom.

“I used to be very sad seeing what has today become of professional boxing in Nigeria. In the past Nigeria used to be known for boxing and through it the country was put on the world map for the first time in terms of sports.

“We want to make boxing as important and popular as football. So I want to use my platform; ‘Odushola International Boxing Promotions’ to attract young boxers and as well show them that they can make ends meet and become influential through the boxing sport.”

The New York based promoter said part of his goal is to help our youths through boxing both at home and abroad, adding that he developed interest in Nigeria’s boxing when listened to Ridwan Oyekola known as Scorpion in some numerous interviews with media where he lamented many challenges facing young boxers in Nigeria.

“I have actually been following boxing watching the great legends in the game such as Mohammed Ali, Iron Mike Tyson and Numerous boxers around the World. Although in the United States, Floyd Mayweather, a boxer and promoter, has endeared the sport to youth to grow, so all these made me to have a strong passion in boxing and to promote boxing at home and abroad”, he noted.

Odushola however hinted that he’s going to collaborate with Sola Ayodele the CEO of Core Afrique Boxing Promotions (COABOX) to stage his debut show in Ibadan on the 26th of December 2022 where young boxers will be given opportunities to display their talents.

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