Emulate Buhari, Apologize To Oyo Residents For Your Failure–Oyo PDP Tells Folarin, APC

The Oyo state chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has reiterated its demand on the All Progressives Congress (APC) and its governorship candidate in the state, Senator Teslim Folarin to emulate the courage and boldness of President Muhammadu Buhari to publicly apologize to the people of Oyo state.

This was as the ruling PDP also said it would amount to an exercise in futility for APC in Oyo state to gallivant about in the name of politicking without first admitting to its monumental failure and subsequently apologizing to the people of the state in order to lay a foundation for itself upon which it could seek for any political mandate.

Akeem Olatunji, the Publicity Secretary of the ruling PDP in Oyo state made this disclosure in a press statement on Tuesday February 7 insisting that no matter the amount of feigning of ignorance or deliberate move to look the other way would stop the people of the state from demanding genuine apologies from the opposition party.

The statement by the Oyo state PDP also mocked the state chapter of APC for raising false alarm and making maliciously wicked and unfounded allegations against the ruling PDP a day before yesterday when the opposition party eventually regained the slightest atom of sense of human empathy by suspending its insensitively planned presidential rally amidst unabated frustration and pain imposed on innocent Nigerians by the APC led government.

“We know that by now, Oyo state chapter of APC and its lie manufacturing machines would have seen how they have badly messed up themselves with the false alarm and allegations against the ruling PDP in the state. Even toddlers in their senses wouldn’t take such a party serious for what its worth.

“Just days ago, the Oyo APC came out of its lies manufacturing factory to create unnecessary tension and apprehension especially within Ibadan metropolis where the presidential candidate of the party, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu was expected to hold his rally.

“Initially our thoughts was that, could APC be so callous not to have any atom of empathy left in them for the suffering and agonizing masses or could it be that they’re just blinded by their desperation to seize power at all cost to have misguided its presidential campaign committee to go ahead with the planned rally slated for Tuesday (today)? considering the latest events in Ibadan where frustrated and angry youths aggressively protested across different parts of the city including the state government Secretariat, destroying government properties, and banks.

“Again, it was ridiculously amazing and amusing how APC in Oyo state could hurriedly came up with such maliciously wicked and unfounded lies by raising false alarm that would have probably increased the work schedule and operation of security agencies in the state.

“We had thought that if sample of the open rejection tasted by the APC governorship candidate in the state, Senator Teslim Folarin over the last weekend at Gate when he visited the area for political campaign occasioned the false alarm and the satanic plan to blackmail the PDP, the APC should have known better going by the records that PDP candidates including Governor Seyi Makinde had visited the area at different intervals yet they were well received and welcomed.

“Folarin and his co-travelers should have known all of these public rejections by the masses who are eagerly waiting for election days to arrive to show the APC how rejected they have become in Oyo state that this state is officially and fully PDP compliant and no amount of evil plan, maliciously cooked up lies or false propaganda could sway the people from withdrawing their full support for PDP and the Seyi Makinde led government.

“Teslim Folarin and his co-travelers in the APC should deduce from recent development in Ibadan due to the needless agony and hardship imposed on Nigerians by APC government on account of very harsh and unfriendly economic realities couple with unending scarcity of petrol, unavailable cash in circulation particularly the newly redesigned naira notes as well as unimaginably high cost of living under the APC government, and beging campaign of restitution by going everywhere to beg for forgiveness from the people of Oyo state.” Oyo PDP said.

Additionally, Oyo PDP said, admittance of failure and subsequent apologies by President Buhari in Katsina state, venue of the APC presidential rally yesterday, was commendable as it shows courage and boldness of a man who has seen the suffering of the masses and the daily anguish being experienced by the Nigerians, calling on Folarin and APC leadership in the state to do same publicly in order to have a chance to seek for any mandate otherwise everything it is doing as campaign activities are direct insult on the sensibility of the people of Oyo state.

The ruling PDP in the state recalled that the Oyo APC was in power for eight uninterrupted years between 2011 and 2019, an era the ruling party noted was characterized by what could best be described as ‘civilian dictator or military regime in civilian form’, where the then ruling APC held the entire state at its jugular under its draconian rule that caused innocent residents, workers, artisans, students, and even civil servants, pensioners, and retirees avoidable deaths, palpable fear, and uncertainty.

Olatunji recalled further that the then APC government became notorious for its draconic system of government where both a governor and wife of the governor became two separate powerful governors under one administration and held Oyo state to her knees under a military-like regime that silenced all other voices that sounded anything contrary to the dictates of the APC regime, a period now being referred to as the ‘inglorious dark era’ in the history of Oyo state.

“Going by the courageous act of the president yesterday in Katsina where public apologies was tendered by President Buhari, Teslim Folarin should as a matter of noble service to his party do same in Oyo state. Apologize for the many needless deaths of pensioners and retirees under APC regime, beg for forgiveness for reducing two productive years from the life span of innocent students of LAUTECH under the APC regime, apologize for the private enrichment of few at the detriments of workers, show genuine remorse for all the evil perpetrated by APC government between 2011 and 2019 then humbly withdraw from the 2023 race to avoid the embarrassment of your political career.

“As Folarin and his co-travelers in Oyo APC are well aware, Seyi Makinde is no longer just our PDP governorship candidate, Makinde has become the 2023 political project of all pensioners, civil servants, students, artisans, teachers and all lovers of good governance and purposeful leadership therefore, it would be political suicidal to at this material time contest against a God’s sent man and man of the masses at the polls.” Oyo PDP added.

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