Plank,building sellers support Tinubu’s emergence as president

The Nigeria planks and building materials market association has today called for total support and electoral mobilisation for the All Progressives’Congress presidential candidate,Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu in the forthcoming general elections in the country.

The association stated this at a press conference at its National Secretariat,Bodija,Ibadan through its president, Alhaji Lateef Adelodun.

Adelodun said the country is at its worse moment and can only be redefined and restructured by Ahmed Tinubu whom he described as a town planner, author of great minds in the country ‘s sphere which include entertainment, politics , economy, power, education among others.
We are doing this to brighten the future of the association, because we believe if he wins,they will support all our programmes especially on AFORESTATION across the country among other programmes of the association.

Alhaji Adelodun called on Nigerians to individually mobilise five voters for the APC presidential candidate for reality of a desired country which stand in competition of the united states of America,United Kingdom and other peaceful and economy progressive countries around the World.

The association however, called on the federal government to slacken old naira notes deposit to ten months as to ward-off social tensions while fuel scarcity is dwelt holistically.

Adelodun called on all yet registered voters to collect their permanent voter cards as to enable them exercise their civic right before the deadline date .

He stated that”It becomes enviable to microphone to every Nigerian that the country is at its worse moment and only deems for a brilliant turn-around which believably can only be done by ourselves. Ask me if just anyone of us is up to the task?
Taking to some administrative and electoral commissions.

“With the belief only any Nigerian that satisfactorily satisfies this and as well the protocols of the Independent National Commission (INEC); the organisation that supervises and conducts all electoral process in Nigeria, as at the moment heads by Prof. Yakub Mahmud, masses’ back-up heads to the poll.

“Since late last year November, politicians and political parties have begun struggle for voter’s conscience and mind. Yet, is it all of them that posses serious-mindedness at leadership?.

“As far as this Southwest and Nigeria is concerned, there is only one of the political candidates, especially for presidency who has the headway amongst them with unreserved governmental administrative capacity, having exemplified flawlessly in a former federal capital territory of the country, who is this candidate?

“Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, socially known as JAGABAN. At the mentioning of his name, every political candidate shakes with fear.

“However, no one should relate “JAGABAN” with failure and disappointment in the present administration in the country, fine! He recommended the present president Buhari but everyone has defence of his opinions.

“Asiwaju Tinubu is ready decisively to address every crookedness in the country which has resulted in unemployment, insecurity, bad funding of education, brain drain, bad infrastructure; if elected on February 25th 2023.
Let everyone from here win five voters, and the won voters do same all along, it will enable the real country of our dream, in competitive of the United States of America, United Kingdom.

“Tinubu is an author of great minds in the country at the moment, politics, entertainment, arts, science, medicine, transport etc
As an Association, we have filtered all candidates, finds out Tinubu has outperforming characteristics,then nothing stops us from mobilising for him.

“On this note the association is hereby endorsing the Presidential candidate of APC, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu ancd SHETIMA tickets for the forthcoming General elections,Also using this medium to appeal to all our members across the country to quickly go and get their PVCs to enable them participate well during the forthcoming elections.
We are doing this to brighten the future of the association, because we believe if he wins,they will support all our programmes especially on AFORESTATION across the country among other programmes of the association.

“Lastly, let all electorates go out to pick their permanent voter’s Cards before deadline window so as to fulfill civic rights as backgrounded by the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Equally, federal government is enjoined to slacken the CBN naira deposit policy to 10 months, while both old and new currencies continue legality as to ward off crises from the country, he said.

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