YPP Senatorial Candidate, Adenike Victor-Tade tasks INEC ahead of 2023 elections

Oyo South Senatorial Candidate For the Young Progressive Party (YPP), Rev Dr.Adenike Victor Tade has Implored Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) not to compromise but to discharge its duty with fairness, equity and justice for the nation to get back her freedom.

She gave the advise while addressing Journalists on the forthcoming 2023 general election.

Dr Adenike Victor Tade advised that Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) should ensure it conducts the general election free and fair and not to be one sided but let freedom escalate inorder to restore peace back to the country.

She further admonished electorate not to allow themselves to be used by politicians to distrupt the 2023 electoral process and to be use as a sacrifice for their selfish reason.

Dr Adenike Victor Tade advised professional politicians not to take the coming election as a do or die affairs but to allow the will of God to prevail over their wishes.

She stated that “INEC should not compromise , we have been in the bondage for years, please let us receive our own freedom as Osun state received theirs.

“Let the freedom escalate and let peace be restored back to Nigeria they should not use power to take over our rights and our privileges.

“The electorate I want to tell you those leaders you are following, each one of them is comfortable none of their children will come out that day to break bottle or to carry gun, why must you use your own life as a sacrifice?

“So they should becareful and tell themselves that they have their own lives too, they should do their things in Godly way to preserve their lives, they should not be instrument of Violence, she said.

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