Why I Allowed My Son To Become A Boxer– Baba Adua AK47

The General Overseer of No More War Prayer Mountain in Ibadan, Prophet Caleb Oludiran Olulade popularly known as Baba Adura Ak47 has revealed why he allowed his son to be trained as a boxer and his many plans to develop the game at the grassroots.

The Man of God who claimed to be an ex-boxer explained to newsmen during an interview he granted in Ibadan that Bible is not against boxing as a sport; moreover some children are born fighter just like David and Samson in the Bible so parents should be paying special attention to identify the God’s given talents in their wards.

“I advise that the parents should keep praying for their wards that what is in them should lead them into greatness. Parents should be paying special attention to identify the God’s given talents in their wards and after noticing it, they should support the child in that line so that the talent can be better manifest”, he noted.

His words: “I was once a boxer, years back and I love it, but now I cannot fight, I can fight but I must not fight again, but when my son informed me about his interest in boxing, that he wants to bring a world belt into my family, I have to support him because it is not everybody that will be a preacher of the word of God.

“There some people that were created like David and Samson in the bible, it’s like they’re born to fight and there are no jobs that you can give them other than to allow what God has endowed them with to manifest. That‘s why I gave my son support and there’s nothing wrong in him becoming a fighter, but the only thing he cannot do is to fight on the streets”.

Prophet Olulade said he only engaged in boxing for self defense and not as a professional, “the story behind my boxing involvement started when my brother was beaten in my presence and I could not do anything to protect him, so I decided to get trained as a boxer, which I did, but unfortunately I could not fight outside again when I became a trained boxer because the law and regulations guiding boxing sports does not allow a trained boxer to fight outside”.

The Man of God affirmed that nothing stops his son from going into full time boxing because he’s doing it with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, “before I allowed my son to go into boxing, I have asked the Lord and God said I should allow him”.

“Not everybody will become Pastor, Lawyer or journalist, there are some that are born to fight, Samson in the Bible was born to fight, Jacob our father in Genesis chapter 32, was a wrestler, and he fought one day with an Angel.

“Jacob was so strong that the Angel could not prevail over him, and they fought for almost eight hours and the Angel broke his leg yet Jacob did not succumb, and then asked Jacob ‘what can I do for you’ and Jacob said he should change his name and his name was changed to Israel. Israel city is where we all go now all because someone fought in the night.”

He however vowed to invest into boxing by building a gym and employ a trainer to scout for talented boxers that can be tutored and turn to world champions, saying he has set aside a parcel of land to do that within where his ministry is located.

“This is No More War Prayer Mountain and we have about 50 hectares of land and we have set aside some portions here that we designed for sports centre, so we are going to build a boxing gym there for the benefits of younger ones that might want to take boxing as a vocation,” he stated.

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