Makinde Seeks Reconciliation Of Aggrieved PDP Members

As Cleric urges Nigerians not to loose hope

By Ogundele Olanrewaju

Oyo State Governor Seyi Makinde has in the spirit of the season called on all aggrieved members of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in the state to embrace reconciliation.
He said he decided to again make the call on the aggrieved members drawing from a message delivered by the Presiding Pastor, Living Spring Chapel International, Pastor Femi Emmanuel at the 2021 Christmas Carol Service and Nine Lessons organised by Oyo State Government on Sunday.
The service which held at the Rememberance Arcade, Opposite, Government House, Agodi, Ibadan was attended by religious leaders, political appointees, top government functionaries who took the bible readings in turn at the event.
The governor who read the ninth lesson at the event while speaking in a remarks thanked the people of the state for their support to his government calling on them to intensify their prayers for the state and the country.
According to Makinde, the prayers are more needful in the coming 2022 because the year is the time when political parties would select candidates to contest the 2023 elections.
He also called on those who are willing to participate in politics to embrace political parties by joining so that they will be able to contribute their quota.
Makinde said “This is the third edition of this Christmas carol. I thank the good people of Oyo state for their support and prayers. All of it are possible because of your prayers to this government.
“I also want to seek fo your further support for 2022. You may or my not be aware that year 2022 will be a defining year. It is the year that we will choose candidates by political parties for the 2023 elections
“We have to intensify prayers so that our parties can choose aright. For those who have not joined any political parties, please let us do so

Oyo state have been particularly lucky. Right here we have the CAC President Worldwide, Oyo State has the National President of CAN, Oyo State has the PFN National President, you can see that God is with us because these have never happened before
“God knows the kind of prayers that we need and he raised these people at a time like this.
“We are praying for an increase of our IGR, it comes from the residents and citizens and for it to go up, the citizens must be ready to play their own part
“And as a government, we have a responsibility to ensure that we manage your resources very well. we assure you that we are making good use of your resources.
“Some people have been abusing me because of our decision on Independent Power Project (IPP), that maybe I want to use it in government House or my residence.
“But, Oyo state will have its own IPP and from that proof of concept, we will expand it to industries and household as we move along.
“Few people have also criticse this government that why are we linking zones instead of doing street.
“Well, for us, we are opening up spaces and making sure all other areas are also open and developed so that we don’t choke ourselves due to inability to expand infrastructure but what we are doing is a new development approach
“For us, we must live Oyo vision where Oyo state can be becnhmark with anywhere else in the world.
Earlier when Pastor Femi Emmanuel was ministration, he said one if the reason and implications why Jesus was born was to reconcile us.
“Let me use this opportunity to beg all aggrieved PDP members to come and let us reconcile ourselves in the spirit of this season.
“We also call on aggrieved members of the opposition APC to come and join us too. We will receive them gladly.

“I’m calling on all aggrieved people anywhere, we will reconcile anybody.”
While delivering the short exhortation at the Carol Service, the Presiding Pastor, Living Spring Chapel, International, Pastor Femi Emmanuel urged the people of the country especially residents of Oyo state not to lose hope even in the face of myrids challenges facing the country.
Speaking on a message entitled “Why Jesus was born and the implications of his birth”, the reknowed cleric said many people have lost the message and essence of the celebration of Christmas by reducing it to mere merryment, fun, holidaying among others.
The cleric who said he has no worry or disagree with how people choose to celebrate the season, however insisted that the importance of the season must not be lost to fun and merriment.
He identified seven reasons and implications behind why Jesus was born.
He said “Many all over the world had reduced Christmas to a period of eating, holidaying, rejoicing without knowing anything about Christ who is the celebrant and what impact should Christmas have on our society and the whole world and life.
“1. Reconciliation. Jesus was born to reconcile man back to God. He came that mankind be reconcile back to God. There are two implications of that, that we reconcile back to our maker and we reconcile with ourselves as men.
“We should not find it difficult to reconcile ourselves. Why the infightings and tribalism? Why are we so tribalistic and not being together?
“2. Peace. Jesus was born to bring peace back to the world. He was born to bring peace back to us as a people, nation and the world. One of his name is Prince of Peace.
“How much peace is on you as an individual. How peaceful are you with yourself, your spouse, your neighbors and us as a nation.
“If we are not living in peace with ourselves, then Christmas has no impact on us if we are not at peace with ourselves. I don’t mind the eating and merriment but we must be at peace
“3. Hope. He brought hope to the whole world. Without hope, people go to the rope.
“No matter the situation with you, there is hope for you. Let’s keep hope alive as a nation. There is hope in Christ. Despite all we are passing through, there is hope for us all as a nation. It will not last long.
“For us as Oyo state, there is hope for us especially in view of the available indices, there is hope for us. Nigerians must give hope alive.
“4. Caring and Sharing. In Christ, there is caring and sharing. His birth is a mystery that is beyond human comprehension, Christ was God that came to earth to bring man back to Himself.
“If God has been so kind to us as humans, why can’t we accommodate one another despite our differences, background, languages. Christ was born to care for each other. The message of Christmas is for rich to care for the poor, the strong care for the weak among other things
“5. Freedom. He came to set us free from the bondage of sin. If you are held up in any issue and addiction, he came to set us free
“6. The Way. He came to show us the way to God, to eternity and fulfilment. Are you on the way, do you know His ways. He came to show us the way, so that we can meet God.

“7. He was born to give us the second birth. Anyone born once will die twice. But, a man born twice will dies once.”
Some of the dignitaries at the service include, wife of the Governor, Tamunominini, Former Milad Oladayo Popoola, Speaker, Oyo Assembly, Debo Ogundoyin, Oyo Chief Judge Munta Abimbola, Ex Speaker Monsurat Sunmonu, state lawmakers, top judicial officers, President Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Dr Supo Ayokunle, President, Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, Bishop Francis Wale Oke among others.

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