World Disability Day: Executive Assistant On Disability Matters Commends Makinde for Creating an Inclusive Environment for People with Disabilities

Today, on the occasion of World Disability Day, the Executive Assistant to the Governor of Oyo State on Disability Matters, Timothy Olufemi, expresses heartfelt gratitude to Governor Seyi Makinde for his unwavering commitment to ensuring that Oyo State becomes a safe haven for people with disabilities.

Governor Makinde’s visionary leadership and proactive approach have paved the way for groundbreaking initiatives and policies that prioritize inclusivity and accessibility for individuals with disabilities.

His tireless efforts have not only helped empower this segment of our society, but they have also enhanced their quality of life and provided them with equal opportunities to thrive and contribute to the state’s progress. Under Governor Makinde’s administration, Oyo State has witnessed remarkable advancements in infrastructure, education, healthcare, employment, and social welfare for individuals with disabilities.

Through well-planned projects and targeted interventions, his administration has taken significant strides in eliminating barriers and promoting an inclusive society.

“Governor Makinde has not only preached inclusion, but he has also practiced it,” Timothy Olufemi stated. “He has shown that persons with disabilities are not just recipients of charity, but valuable members of our society with immense potential to contribute. Under his leadership, Oyo State is fast becoming a model for other states to emulate in terms of disability inclusion.”

On World Disability Day, Timothy Olufemi appeals to citizens and stakeholders to join in celebrating the achievements and progress made by Governor Seyi Makinde’s administration in making Oyo State a safe haven for people with disabilities.

He encourages continued collaboration to ensure that these promising initiatives reach their full potential, guaranteeing a brighter future for persons with disabilities in Oyo State.

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