Ibadan Anglican Diocese Holds 8 Days Festival

The Ibadan Anglican Diocese Church of Nigeria will be having Eight days 2023 Jesus festival tagged Season of Healing which will be coming up on 21st October to 29th.

The Announcement was made by Venerable Tobi Adeyeoluwa while Addressing journalists on the myriad of challenges confronting the country and

According to the man of God, the program will kick-off with Bible contest with different categories of people to help discover Jesus Christ which will be coming up on October 21st.

While on 22nd there will Minister’s conference at the crusade in a bid to put Jesus and allow Jesus to heal people.

According to the man of God there will also be Jesus Rally on the 28th of October and it will involve all the athletes.

He further noted that the the program will be coming out in colors and they will be marching to the city of Ibadan with glamour

On the 24th to 25th, Minister’s conference and crusade will be starting fully where the power of God will be at work and it will be holding at Cathedral of Saint James Oke Bola and the Minister’s conference will be holding at All Soul’s Church in the morning.

Venerable Dr Tobi Adeyeoluwa said that present government love those that used to hide truth from them and love those that over-pampered them and those that tell them lies.

He bemoaned the way the church leadership compromised and how difficult for the church leadership to speak the truth.

Ven. Tobi Adeyeoluwa averred that if the country administration can be handed over to the church and taken it away from politicians the nation’s will be envy of others.

He charged those at the corridors of power to make sure they be a good representative of God and to ensure they impact lives and their Nation.

The man of God gave the highlight of crusade that will be holding at Anglican Church of Ascension, Akobo, Ibadan.

Venerable Tobi Adeyeoluwa further said that “The church has a lot at stake as regards the nation, the means alot, it means that the healing of Nigeria is in the hand of the Church.

“It means there is alot on the neck of the leaders and part of the things that the leaders are doing now is first of all they are calling them for repentance starting from the church, the church leaders are also praying.

“Another things the leadership of the church is doing, that they need to welcome is telling the government the truth.

“One of the things that the government of our day do not like is to hear the truth, they are averse to it, they do not like it, they love people that over-pampered them and they tell them lies.

“The church owes the government, the church owes Nigerian, the church owes leadership, owes them the truth.

“Where they have gone wrong, the leadership of the church is adhere to tell them where they have gone wrong.

“If you look at patterns in the scripture, you will observe that the prophets in the scripture always speaking to leadership, speaking to the kings and telling them where they have gone wrong.

“The Bible says “am full of power and the Spirit of the LORD to Jacob his transgression” that was what Bible says.

“Part of the function of the church leadership is to tell the government where they have gone wrong but one of the things going wrong in our days when church leaders are begin to compromise on the Nation leadership to speak the truth become difficult and that is where God begin working on the church.

“The is trying to alleviate the sufferings of the masses, church is also offering free scholarships and giving welfare and all sort of medical attention.

“If government is doing half of what the church is doing in Nigeria, Nigeria will be far better than what you see.

“Infact, if you take the administration of Nigeria out of the hands of the political elite and hand it over to the church, Nigeria will be envy of others that is the truth.

“Nigeria happens to have largest Christian leaders all over the world and if you see the church movement in Nigeria and the organization, you will understand that the church has gone past the government.

“Left to the church, they will build roads, left to the church they will have the University everywhere, left to the church, so many things will function but today when you see the government it is how it will not work.

“I think the church is doing alot and the more the government the give the church a right of access, the church has a lot to offer the land.

“We have a land that is sick, of course the church has a lot to offer that is why.

“When we are talking about healing it means there is sickness, infirmity, there is affliction, there is problem and if don’t talk about healing it means there is no problem.

“In the face of Nigeria, it is obvious that the land is sick, people are sick, people are struggling and people are managing e.t.c

“I will start by saying this , only Jesus can give healing, you will start by accepting Jesus.

“For everyday of this program, the crusade to the Minister’s conference, it is starting October 21 to October 29 of this Month.

“From the crusade to the Minister’s conference, to ‘Jesus Rally’ every day is about how Jesus will bring healing to the people because people are sick, you see a risen in suicidal cases, you see a risen in mental cases across the land and so on and so forth.

“You see the level of covenant people are ready to go in to, to survive, is that different from what people do in those days in the scripture?

“It’s only Jesus that can give complete healing, the politics been offered by the government, am a critic of what the government is offering, is more like you take #10 from me and you give me back #5 that is what it been done here.

“And even in the distribution of palliatives in the things like that, it cannot get to everybody, it is only the privileges that people can get access to this palliatives.

“You see a situation where the government cannot reach out to everybody, there is problem in the land and say it that the government is sick, this present leadership is sick and they need help, they need Jesus.

“The Bible says “We are the salt of earth and the light of the world” in situation where people are been giving privileges like this, it is a good thing when we have Christians in all this positions, is like having Daniel in government, Daniel make impacts.

“No matter how our societies today, we must have people that will stand out.

“Anywhere you see light, you see impacts, no matter small the light is and you will be amazed the people that will be saved.

“People would have not have died, if only government make policies, make decisions about medical, about welfare, proposals and things like that.

“My challenge is that for the few people that have found themselves on the corridors of power they need to stand for light, they need to become salt to the earth and that in the little time they have because no condition is permanent, everybody in the face of leadership today, is just there for now and it not permanent and the little time they have, they must maximize it to impact their world and to impact the Nation.

“In the last days, the love of many is waxing cold because it is a prophesy, it’s prophesy, Bible said it, in the last days the love of many will backslide.

“God is moving across the land and other side, people’s love is waxing cold and people are going away from the church.

“Infact, Bible says “They will be falling away of so many” this is prophesy.

“Is like prophesy to Judas Iscariot that somebody will deny Jesus it was open, it was Judas that decided to fulfilled that prophesy.

“People are loosing their confidence in the church still part of the prophesy but it also calling the church leadership to order that for those who have found themselves in the place leadership their hands must be clean.

“Righteousness exalt a nation, as it a reproach to a people, if you are a leader, you can’t be found in a places of Iniquity, you cannot be sit in a seat of Iniquity, you cannot sit in a seat of sin.

“A little sin is a enough to discredit leadership, i have heard somebody who had been delivered begins to tampered with sin, he loses credibility.

“You see a situation where many church leaders are begin to compromise, and see reasons why many are losing confidence and it also part of prophesy that there will be many false prophets and you see many that called name Jesus but they are representing another institution not Jesus.

“I want to challenge people that, they should not use people as a measure to determine who Jesus is, people should find Jesus themselves, Jesus is real and in Judgement day there not be excuse.

“There will not be, because of what My pastor says that is why I didn’t do what I want to do.

“People should look for Jesus.

“The expectation of the people is founded in the theme, if you are sick come, if you are afflicted come, there will be answer for you.

“As many people that in one form of troubles and in one form of affliction there is provision for you, in what the scripture says “The son of righteousness shall arise with healings in his veins” .

“Jesus is coming with healing in his hands and we are inviting the whole of Ibadan to show up and trust God for healing.

“Great Ministers of God will be coming from the 21st of October, there is a Bible quiz that is suppose to be Bible contest within different categories of people to help people to discover Jesus and the following day on the 22nd of October we have Minister’s conference at the crusade all this in a bid to put Jesus and to allow Jesus to heal people at this time and other programs like the Rally on the 28th of October Jesus Rally all the athletes taken race, Ibadan diocese will be coming out in different colors and they will be marching to the city, it going to be a prophetic work.

“Look at what happens at Jericho, Jericho will come down, it take a walk and it was after the walk that the wall came down and for the walking around that the people will do that day, we are trusting that the walls on the heart of men will be melting so that they will be open to gospel of Jesus in the land but very importantly, if the people embrace Jesus they are sure of healing that risen from the springs.

“The Bible quiz is going holds in Saint Annes church Molete in the 22nd Sunday is going to inspiration it will be in time of worship and praise where different choir is coming to sing unto the LORD as from the 24th to 25th we are to be having crusade and Minister’s conference, the crusade will hold at the Cathedral of Saint James Oke-Bola and the Minister’s conference will be hold at All Soul’s Church in the morning, he said.

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