Land Grabbing: 4 communities stage protest to Oyo Assembly, allege Mogaji Akinsola of forceful eviction of land, property owners

…as Lawmakers promise peaceful resolution of issues

…We acted based on court judgment-Mogaji Akinsola

…sues for peace

The Residents of Alaja Phase One, Alaja Phase Two, Isagunna and Aponmode have protested over the forceful eviction of the residents of the area, sought for government to help the people of the Area

The Residents of the communities laid the allegations against Mogaji (Compound head) Akinsola Moniya in the Akinyele Local government Area of Oyo state.

The protesters who were at the entrance of Oyo state house of Assembly complex today to press for the help.of the state house of assembly members to rescue the people of the communities from the Mogaji that sealed off their houses yesterday.

While addressing journalists, one of the community leaders, Rauf Adeogun narrated that “before then, we were been summoned to a meeting, in the meeting they told us that those who bought land from our forefathers, will buy the land again from the original owner which is Akinsola Family.

“And our father had warned us not to forcefully take back land already been sold because ‘Labi’ was owned by four families Oju-Oyo, Oje, Idi-kan and Labiran, so the Labiran family the one disturbing the residents.

“We had been to the Olubadan to seek for the resolution of the matter and Olubadan had warned the Land grabbers not to forcefully take the land from the owner.

In his reaction to the myriad of allegations laid against him by the protesters, Mogaji Akinsola (The head of Akinsola family), Chief Wale Oladoja said that the family acted on the court judgement that were given in 2021 to the family of Akinsola who is the real owner of the land to take back their land.

He further averred that before the action was taken yesterday, he had held a series of peaceful meetings with the residents of the four communities.

Chief Oladoja called on the residents of the communities for dialogue and negotiations inorder to resolve the crisis amicably.

He said “My Family act according to the law of the land, because we have four to five judgement in respect to the Land they are talking about.

“We had held peaceful meeting with the residents of the community several times, even our respected Imperial Majesty Olubadan had scheduled a meeting us for the resolution of the same matter.

“From the valid judgement says that the land were sold wrongly to the residents of the communities and we demand whatever they want to do on the land, they need to let know of anything they want to do on the land.

“I think the protesters suppose to follow peace and my door is open for them for peaceful resolution, we only sued the party that sold the land to them, we don’t have anything to do with them.

“Am available for dialogue and negotiations with the family and their representative then we resolve the issue amicably.

In reaction to the land crisis in Akinyele local government, the honorable representing Akinyele state constituency 1, Hon. Lekan Abiola promised to call the man disturbing the peace of the communities for questioning and to hear from his own side of the story.

He warned that if the man found guilty of the crime of land grabbing, he will face the full wrath of the law.

Hon. Abiola said that “when I heard the story of the land grabbing in my constituency, I was angry because in this century we should not be talking about land grabbing because I was aware that there is a land grabbing act already in the state and it us a punishable offense.

“I believe the person himself does not know that there is a law on ground in the state and ignorance is not a defence and he is going to face the full wrath of the law if found guilty.

“We will need to see Mogaji Akinsola and ask him why he feel he can just cheat on people, i will use the ‘cheating’ because this are the people that have bought their land over 30 years ago.

Also reacting to the allegations laid against Mogaji Akinsola of Labi Community, Honourable Representing Akinyele Constituency 2, Hon. Kehinde Olatunde said that the 9th Assembly promulgated anti-Land grabbing law which indicated the interest of the state on land grabbing noting that this present Assembly will not allow land grabbers in the state and will make sure they face the full wrath of the law.

He promised that matter will be look into and resolved the crisis amicably for peace to reign in Akinyele local government.

“The 9th Assembly was the one that promulgated the law of anti-land grabbers land and the house is not taking it lightly at all, because we found out that the land grabbers were migrated from Lagos State to Ogun state and from Ogun state to Oyo stateand we are not going to take it, even the governor will not take it.

“The governor indicated interest in the law of anti-land grabbing and the house of Assembly will not take it lightly.

“I don’t know if judgement can just come up like this, there is solution to it in the constitution of Nigeria and for you to go and drive people of over 200 residents away from their abode that have been there over 23 years, where was the person ?

“I believe there is solution to the matter.

Both parties have been summoned to a meeting by the Imperial Majesty Olubadan of Ibadanland, Oba Dr. Mohood Olalekan Balogun to his palace on Sunday 20th of August 2023.


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