GSM: THE OWNER OF STREET CREDIBILITY AND THE MERCHANT OF HOPE- By Ogunwoye Samson Gbemiga, A Member of the GSM Advocates

Nigeria’s political system is full of political gimmicks, especially when elections are approaching, but only genuine leaders maintain their connections with the street after elections. They are always connected with the commoners to renew their hopes because they share in their pain and anguish.

Just recently, the Internet was awed by the picture of His Excellency, Governor of Oyo State, Engr. Seyi Makinde, fraternizing with the peasants, artisans, and market women to continue to give assurance of a better Nigeria.
Here is a picture of an aged Agbado Seller who never dreamed of meeting a governor, not to mention being patronized by one. GSM spent a quality moment with this woman, and the smile on her face says it all.

The picture sends loads of messages. The first noticeable message is that GSM is in a class of his own, and he is very real and genuine in everything he does without any iota of callousness. Other politicians have returned to their shells like snails after elections; they have gotten what they wanted, and they would wait for another Four Years to come back to the street, but the Son of Makinde is not in their league, election or not. He always shows he belongs to the street and is ready to work for their betterment.

Another valuable message is that anyone can be visited by grace. An ordinary woman who sells Corn on the street hosted the Number One Citizen of Oyo State for a few minutes as his customer. The woman will definitely cherish the moment, and the world will take the euphoria to the grave.

The third message is one of hope for the masses. Seyi Makinde’s attitude towards the woman and other commoners passed a message of hope to the people. The people have a leader who eats with them and dines with them without segregation. He believes everyone should be treated with dignity, and nobody should look down on any person regardless of his or her socio-economic status. This message will continue to lighten the memory of ordinary citizens of our dear State.

This is not the first time Seyi Makinde has shared the plight of commoners. You will remember that Makinde was the only Governor in Nigeria to physically join the End SARS protesters, even in the heat of the crisis. He understood the plight of the youths and came into their midst, which gave our teeming youths a sigh of hope and drained the tension.

With his usual exhibition of street credibility and solidarity, the Omituntun 2:0 merchant has fully demonstrated that the glory of the second term will surpass that of the first term. GSM has continued to raise the hope of the commoners as he identifies with them at every critical time. He chose to treat people with equal respect and compassion, regardless of their background. He passes on the message that anyone can be anything and can be visited by grace at any time.

Napoleon Bonaparte once said that “leaders are dealers in hope”. Makinde is indeed a leader of renewed hope who will take the good people of Oyo State to the promised land.

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