Arisekola-Alao pleads with Muslim community to support Makinde’s re-election bid

Former Accord party chieftain in Oyo state and the son of former Aare Musulumi of Yorubaland, Farouk Arisekola Alao has advised all Muslim community to vote and support governor Seyi makinde in his second term bid in office.

Farouk Arisekola Alao advise to the Muslims in the state while addressing Journalists at his residence today, Oluwo-kekere, Bodija, Ibadan.

While lauded governor makinde for his achievements and his giant stride to make the state stand tall with all other states in the country.

He noted that Muslim community should think of the good deeds of governor makinde in his first term not only for the Muslims but to the people of the state.

Hon. Farouk further admonished his political supporters to ensure they come out on Saturday and vote for the re-election of governor makinde.

He denied the rumour spreading around the political space that he collected money from governor Seyi makinde for joining the ruling party in the state.

Hon. Farouk added that
“Not that he is perfect, but once a governor listen and willing to act on whatever he is been pointed to that someone anybody can work with.

“What I have heard about him, he is doing good and people really want to see what Omi-tun-tun is all about in the next four years and am actually eager to see what is going to do till 2027.

“Coming to PDP yes it might be the Excellency that brought me here, also like I said, PDP has always be a place of home that we just left base on the antecedent that happened between my father and Ajimobi.

“I didn’t have any agreement,I didn’t go for any demands, I only come for support His Excellency second term and contribute our quota to the best we can to make sure good governance continues in Oyo state, like fixing roads and so on.

“2014 when I lost the primary to Hon. Dada Awoleye, PDP elements that came to me with N25 million to just to declare and put to the dailies as Arisekola son and I said I don’t do that.

“I didn’t collect money in 2015, I didn’t collect money 2019, what would make to me collecting money in 2023?

“I swear with my grave that I didn’t collect any dollar or Naira from anybody to join PDP.

“I didn’t go on a mentally I believe in virtues, character in trait and integrity in things that make men I believe in such virtues.

“That is why if you see in my campaign Iwaloju , character matter most.

“Money comes and go, position comes and go what would remain is you that is why I always maintain my character.

“No there is reconciliation between me and Chief Adebayo Adelabu if he eventually emerge as the governor of the state.

“I can affirm to you today that am a bonafide PDP member and I will stay as a bonafide PDP member.

“I have friends in APC who are Reps and Senate, I have friend who will become Minister surely.

“It is not about the party you are, it is about how resourceful how you can be and it inevitable that our generation is coming into power within the next twelve years.

“I want to assure you that if I will be vying any position, I will be vying in it PDP definitely.

“I have no other plans now than to support the PDP and governor Seyi makinde ambition for second term.

“I will like to tell all my supporters, all the followers are of Farouk Arisekola in Ibadan North, it hasn’t come as a news to you that I have join the People’s Democratic party (PDP) and it is affirmed that am a proud supporter of His Excellency governor Seyi makinde, come out on Saturday, support and vote for PDP and come on the 19th which is on Sunday will be for Omi-tun-tun 2.0 shall we be delivered to Oyo state, he said.

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