It’s time to declare state of emergency on education sector, stakeholders urge govt

Stakeholders have advised government to declare State of emergency in educational sector inorder to obtain strength to be able to manage other sectors of the economy.

This was stated by the stakeholders in education in commemoration of the International day of education, a day set aside by United Nation to celebrate education, the theme for the year is “Invest in People & Prioritize Education, organized by National Association of Sea-dogs (Pirate Confraternity) in conjunction with Emamic model college, Ologuneru, Ibadan.

While addressing Journalists, The Acting University Librarian, University of Ibadan, Mr Christopher Olumuyiwa explained that many thing has declined in education sector which is frustrating the effort of the teacher.

“He admonished government to make education a focal point of governance and make necessary changes the sector needed to have a secure future in the Youth It is about the totality of education in Nigeria and the philosophy that guide it”.

“Just like every other sector in the Nigeria economy in the nation, things have decline and there is a lot of frustration everywhere”.

“The Problem is, what government should do is about making education a focal point and declaring a state of emergency, because that is where we are going to get the strength to be able to manage other sectors of the economy, but unfortunately that is where government presently is neglecting”.

‘Because the major stakeholders in education, the people on the street aimlessly one, because government they flaunt wealth, flaunt money, we hear so humongous amount of money, especially now that currencies are just been in change, you found politicians bringing bails and bails of amount of money that is the kind of orientation that they are given to the youth”

“That is the reason behind the discouragement of the youth come from learning, the way we learned, they are running after money because money are been flaunted everywhere”

“In terms of policy of education I think we have it right but about the implementation, am aware that ASUU for tertiary education, went on strike for months last year talking about funding of tertiary education especially university and in Nigeria government decided to look the other way”

“Even the parents, another stakeholders they were blaming the academia for been over-bearing for they don’t care about the students like that”.

“The university are beginning to bring down the tuition fees that the students will pay, because there is no university administration that can run the university seamlessly now, because government is not providing enough of support, so the environment is not clement at all because has jettisoned its duty”

“That is why I said it just one thing that answer the whole question to get it right, that if government get it right, we will have everything in place”

“The students have, even in this decadence that we are talking about, there is still students who are upright, who are doing it well that is what we should project”

“We know that some of our youth that travelled abroad, they are making headways all over, because we read this in the social media”

“Just recently now, British government is saying that they want teachers, secondary school and primary school teachers, those are the people they want to come to Britain to educate their children because they found that there is something about Nigeria educational system that is missing in the Britain, we should be able to consolidate on that instead of allowing it to go to wrought”

“For students and parents, parents should not loose hope, there is a part of the educational that is from the home front which is the moral education,the first education that we get, is the contact we get from home for them to be able to conduct themselves in any public place they go even when they get to school”

“The formal Education in schools suppose to be a secondary form of education”

“The informal education from the home front is the primary education”

“The parents have to take that but we know that the way the economy is, it’s such that things are difficult, even now we eat money, anything we do is money and things are difficult but we just have to persevere, we choose the right people in government are other”

“For the students, should persevere and focus, for them to be focus, for them not to derail from this correct part of education because there are so many temptations here, that can make them to be distracted”

“Continuous Education that what is we have come here to do today, about the use of Library is also to improve reading culture which the National Association of Sea-dog have taken as a major concern inorder to meet it own objectives in terms of the MDA objectives to improve education especially among our youth and distract them from inhumanly character” he said.

In her remark the Principal, Emamic model college, Mrs Owoyemi Elizabeth said the best way to invest in people is to invest in people education especially youth and children.

She advised parents to invest in moral of their ward while giving sound education to their children to have a balance society.

Mrs Owoyemi further to government to improve the educational sector noting that the future of the country lies on education which has the potential to give expected changes to other sector of the economy.

“The best way to invest in pupil is to invest in pupil education especially our children and the youth.

“When we are talking about investing education we Discovered that most of our children of this generation find it difficult to read and if you say you are educated and that reading culture is not in you, there is no results coming forth from such education”

“For children, I will advise them to make use of using library, to read their books and not to stop in midway”

“Most of the problem we are having now adays, we are having drop-out, that know half of most things they think they know but they are the one distrupting the so call education of nowadays”

“We advise the parents to invest in their children, because the future of any country is for the country to have youth that are educated”

“Because the major thing we are expecting in the world at large is change and the change can only come from sound education”

“When we talk about sound education, it should be both academics and moral because we discovered that there are some students are sound academically but in terms of moral because education is not balance without good character”

“On the part of the parents, in terms of paying their tuition fee, they should please still invest in their moral for us to have a balance society”

“Government we are pleading to look into the education sector because the future of every nation lies on education because the change we are expecting still would come from education”

“Government should spend more money, they give more resources for education”

“Teachers should learn modern way of teaching and modern way of doing thing.
They should not teach students on how they were taught or what they Know”

“They should try and teach them base on the trend of what is happening in the global world, they should not limit the students to the environment alone” she said.

In his address, the proprietor and education consultant, Mr Olufemi
Omoniyi lamented on how the dacadence and reading culture in School are declining which encouraged immoral attitude from the youth and the students.

He urged government and other stakeholders to give more attention to the youth and students.

Mr Omoniyi further admonish deniev government not to denied their children right to education for the future of the country lies on the Youth of today .

“One of the theme of this day, the international day of education, theme says patronize education, there is a quote that says “if you think education is expensive try ignorance”.

“You can see a lot of youth outside there walking in and out of the street aimlessly and it is dangerous for the parents, it is dangerous for the community, it is dangerous for Nigeria as a whole, why? because the youth are the strength of the nation that is why government must monitor these youth, we must not them of their rights educatio’n”

“The reading culture is derailing in schools and everywhere why? Because the Youth we are talking about are not been encouraged, most of the students in public secting that are nothing to write home about, sometime they will go to school and from school they start bringing up of different type of society, joining cultism and the likes, because they are not been kept the way it should be”

“I am not saying the government are not trying their best but we have to do more, because the youth we are talking about are the future of tomorrow”

‘That is the reason we must see to the foundation of this youth, tailor them towards what we want in Nigeria”‘

“You can see alot of things happening that Nigeria are not good land to dwell, but what is our own quota individually?
What is our own quota on a family level?

What is our own quota religious’?

“We say the government, it is from the beginning, we have to monitor this children, we have to tailor them towards that what we want in Nigeria and we have to bring out the best in them”

“To some parents they don’t encourage their wards educationally and that is the first thing”

“The right they have now is to educate them, to send them to school and apart from sending them to school to monitor them, to make sure they are doing just what is right”

“That is why parents must encourage our wards, at any given time we must be their best friend and that is when they can be encourage”

“We must ask them question, we must go to their school

“In private school, we usually called for open day, the number of attendee by the parents are nothing to write home about, when you asked them, they replied ‘am busy’ you don’t even know what is happening /to your wards in school.

“And that is why, this is just a piece of advice, the parents must be up to the task, they must be up and doing on their children and that is when everything can work together like what we want”

“My candid advice to the youth, I discovered that alot of youth are anxious, they want to get exotic cars, they want to build big houses”

“Am going to advise the youth now, do not be anxious, you hay to seek the permission of your parents and seek advice from your parents, elders and clergies so that they can advise you and then monitor you”

“Youth we are relying on you don’t disappoint us because you are the pillars of future for this country.

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