Why Wike,Makinde‘s Insistence On Party Restructuring Best For National Oneness- Youth Advocate For Equity (YAFE)

Recent occurrences within the Peoples Democratic Party has left much to be desired.

The two warring camps, one headed by the Presidential Candidate of the Party, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, and the camp of stakeholders loyal to the five southern governors ( of which Governor Nyessom Wike and Seyi Makinde of Rivers and Oyo state are most vocal),poised for showdown as the Party moves toward electioneering Campaigns

The bone of contention borders on restructuring of the Party machinery for the inclusion of the North and South Zone. Wike – Makinde ‘s camp are calling on the National Chairman of the Party to step down for a southern candidate so as to have a balance but the Atiku’s camp have obviously made up their minds to usurp the two positions and damning the consequences.

There are big questions that beg for answers here. Is the South an appendage to the North? Does the North owns Nigeria? The answer is pure and capital NO!
The South became a protectorate in 1900, so also is the North.

The amalgamation brought the two protectorates together under Lord Frederick Lugard in 1914. The two conjoined protectorates metamorphosed into three regions in 1939 under Bernard Bourdillon and remained so till independence. The constitution in the Parliamentary system that was practiced at independence did not in any way place any of the regions over the others. It is therefore a figment of imagination and delusion for one region to tag itself ‘ born to rule’ , and acting as if the other two regions are ‘ born to serve it ‘. It is a conception from the pit of hell. No wonder every attempt at restructuring the country have been sabotaged by the North.

Restructuring brings balance, equity and justice; but cheats don’t subscribe to equity, justice and fairplay. They don’t imagine anyone having equal share with them in anything, but to swindle and place themselves at advantageous position in pursuant to their treachery and perfidy.

It is high time for the Yorubas, the Igbos and other minority tribes in the South to sit and think meditatively , before it is too late. Wike and Makinde are like ‘ watchmen ‘ crying ; for all the South to be conscious of the impending danger that may ravage us and our children unborn if this trend is not nipped in the bud now. It must start with PDP.

If Atiku Abubakar does not have the political will to restructure the Party, how can he muster the courage and strength to address the holistic National restructuring?

He is like the proverbial bird that dances by the Bush- path, but whose drummers are hidden in the Bush. His reason for not prevailing on Iyorchia Ayu to step aside for a southern candidate , ( which he hinges on the Party constitution) is vague. The law is made for man and not otherwise. When a law goes against equity and justice, that law, as a matter of urgency has to be reviewed.

For exigency purposes, laws have been suspended in the National Assembly and even at the National Executive Council of the PDP in recent years. This is the Doctrine of Necessary in politics.
Could we ask then, if there is hope for the progress and development of the southern Zone if Atiku emerges winner in the 2023 election; given his slyness and the agenda he stands for? This appears to be farfetched. When he is not honest in a little, how will he be in a magnitude?

For those southern infidels who don’t mind selling their birth rights for a pot of porridge; our advice to you is to turn a new leaf. Desist from evil and start to do good. Wike and Makinde like the past nationalists and heroes of our independence couldn’t stand your treacherous acts among us.

Whatever seed you sow shall you reap in manifold till your third and fourth generations. However, we are optimistic that darkness can not not overcome light. Wike and Makinde shall emerge victorious in this struggle. God is with them and the South shall breathe the fresh air in the end.

Youth Advocate for Equity (YAFE)

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