The Northern Agenda And The Attempt To Break-Up The South West PDP- By Sodiq Olaiya

From Sodiq Olaiya

I read with disdain the news in the Punch Newspaper about the purported utterances of some Party stakeholders in Osun, Ogun , and Ondo state PDP, disowning the position presented by Gov Seyi Makinde of Oyo state during the visit of the Presidential candidate of the Party H.E Alhaji Atiku Abubakar in Ibadan on Thursday 14th September 2022.

It is quite sad and unfortunate that
even at this present time, Yorubas have not learnt our lessons. Our greed and caprices, combined with egoism and unholy drive for pecuniary gains still rule over some elements of us even in this age.

Right from the onset, discerning minds have been been reading between the lines, the actions and scheming of the North to outsmart the South.

The zoning arrangements of the Presidential candidate and the National Chairman of the Party was supposed to be done simultaneously, to the extent that the two positions shall be shared between the two zones. However, the genesis of this satanic scheming began when the National Executive Council (NEC) of the Party was used to sever the two positions, Zoned the Chairmanship to the North and leaving the Presidential position open to come from any of the two zones; and to be done later.

There were questions about this trend from various quarters, (even from Press) on the likelihood that the Presidential candidate may emerge from the North, thus creating imbalance and
marginalisation of the Southern zone. These questions were laid to rest by the answers from the Northern stakeholders, even Iyorchia Ayu himself that the Chairmanship seat shall be vacated for a Southern candidate, to have an all inclusive arrangement.

Thus, the resolution of the NEC to cast a vote of confidence on Iyorchia Ayu is the continuation of the script played during the zoning meeting and part two of their pre meditation to hijack the two positions to the North.

Governor Seyi Makinde, Wike, and other illustrious governors and stakeholders from the South know that this trend is unhealthy for the Zone and are laying their lives on the line to see that justice and equity prevails but some rebels and villains in our midst are working against the betterment of the zone and availing themselves as ready tools in the hands of the North to actualise their evil agenda.

“Posterity will not forgive those men who are exceptionally privileged to say words of complete truth but who hide under meek passivity and cold complicity “ . Whatever anyone does is written in the annals of history. The spirit of our progenitors shall guide and preserve these true harbingers of our Zone and the villains of our Zone shall have their retribution handy very soon.

Atiku and his cabals may continue in this game of cheating. We are waiting to see where it will
lead them. However, I foresee a doomsplay here, especially for Atiku Abubakar who appears like a pawn in the northern scheming. If he loses the presidency this time, that is his end. There shouldn’t be any concession too great for him to achieve his long time ambition.

To Makinde and other liberators of the Southern zone, we know thy works. Every man shall reap whatever he sows. Continue in your good works. Be fearless in battle to salvage your Zone.

God is not on the side of the filthy. He will be with you in the struggle and the filthy shall be brought to

✍️Sodiq Olaiya

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