Good Governance: How Makinde turned Oyo to Paradise on Earth in 3 years- Hon. Abayomi Fagbenro Bibire

…As one good turn deserves another

Poverty would have been a thing of the past if the same zeal we see today amongst our politicians is what we see everyday.

I seems to wonder where all this resources; energy; mobilization; and funds are coming from in a nation leading in the ratio of poverty ravaged country in the world.

We can see the battle for the highest office in Nigeria is clearly between Peter Obi; Alhaji Atiku Abubakar; and Bola Ahmed Tinubu but what really bothers me as citizen of this country; a politician and an humanitarian is why didn’t we see all this effort and output from our politicians all year round?

How many times have we seen Obi, Atiku, or Tinubu moving from state to state discussing how to eradicate poverty among our people until recently…..I see presidential candidates moving from one corner of the country to the other; I even see the ones that have the opportunity to energize the youth and the diasporans moving from country to country discussing and consulting on how they will fix Nigeria.

The situation of Nigeria doesn’t need solutions every 3 to 4 years but Nigerians problems need fixing every day of the year.

Imagining the funds spend already for the preparation of this election was spent on Agriculture; insecurity; education; health; and infrastructure.

Where was any of this candidates during EndSARS movement when all our young brave Nigerians was massacred in Lagos; how many times in the year have we seen any of this candidate traveling around the country and talking about ways to eliminate poverty and spending their earned incomes to tackle the challenges confronting the country.

I see how many Uniform men and women will be mobilized for this coming elections and I wonder why we can’t do the same thing everyday to eliminate insecurity in our states and cities, I am just thinking aloud.

Imagine this politicians genuinely come together and worked for the suffering masses,what could Nigeria be?

I hope our people have wisen up to see the challenges confronting this nation is not the problem of race nor religion nor tribe but the problem of inequalities and systemic improvised mentality.

As a politician a citizen of Nigeria and an Oyo State born and bread; I promised to continue to do my own best to make sure Nigeria becomes one of the greatest nation in the world.

I will love to appeal to our politicians to genuinely work for an ordinary man and solve most the problems and not just come every few years to talk sweet and go back into their shells.

2023 general election will not be like others; I hope our youth all over Nigeria are ready to take the mantle of this nation and steer us to the right direction.

I commend the present administration in Oyo State, led by Governor Seyi Makinde for his leadership and consistency in making sure Oyo State is truly setting the pace but we can still do better in other areas of governance and I know if given the opportunity to come back they will finish what they have started.

Hon. Abayomi Fagbenro Bibire PDP Chieftain, IBSW Ward 12

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