Onwuegbu Relishes Birthday Golfing Expedition To Turkey’s Titanic Golf Club

From Ogundele Olanrewaju

The lady Captain of Dolphin Golf Club, Navy Town Ojoo, Lagos, Mrs. Onwuegbu Bose Ngozi has relished her golfing experience tour to Türkiye which is reputable as a quality golfing destination with outstanding golf courses, hotels and facilities, where she had regular rounds of 18 holes play during her birthday.

Onwuegbu said the expedition to some top golf courses in Nairobi, Mauritius and Europe, especially Antalya in Turkey was part of her moves to promote the game called golf during her 2022 birthday where had opportunity to share the golf course of Titanic Golf Club with top professionals like Tiger Woods and all the international pros.

“Where I visited were key destinations for golf tourism, from teeing off on the Mediterranean coast to an inner-city swing of the short iron, and mingling with professional golfers that share new skills with you during golfing break.

“Part of my intention is to gather and compile my experience from such exposure into replicating such here by creating good golf tourism destinations that other golfers from outside the country will be eager to visit for adventurous golfing excursions,” she noted.

The zonal representative, South/West of the Nigeria Golf Federation (NGF) while relishing her experience during the tour also revealed that: “like faith, golf requires us to lose our old nature. We first must learn the proper grip. Our old nature tells us to grip the club tightly, so we have total control. But in golf, though, a tight grip keeps us from meeting the ball squarely and it sails off in a wayward direction”.

“Human nature tells us the harder we swing, the farther the ball will fly. But this doesn’t work in golf. Using our strength to muscle the ball will only advance it a short distance. Golf requires a light touch and an easy swing”.

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