Prophet Muhammad Tolerated Insults From Non-Muslims : Killing Of Deborah Unjustifiable – Oyo FOMWAN

From Ogundele Olanrewaju

As reactions continue to trail the alleged burning to death of Deborah Samuel in Sokoto State over allegation of blasphemy, the Federation of Muslim Women’s Associations in Nigeria, FOMWAN Oyo State chapter has described the action of the killers of the young lady as wrong, inexcusable, condemnable and unjustifiable in the teaching and legal system of Islam.

The Association in a statement issued and signed by its State Amirah, Alhaja (Dr) B.B Oloso said the video of the gruesome murder of the Shehu Shagari College of Education, Sokoto female student by a mob circulated on social media was disturbing, traumatizing and pathetic.

This is just as the Association insisted that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was insulted, assaulted and attacked in the course of delivering his message by the pagans but he was lenient, patient and tolerant of them all.

Oyo FOMWAN appealed to Nigerians to put an end to killings in the name of religion, ethnic or tribal sentiment.

According to the Oyo State Amirah, Government should do more in prosecuting and punishing people who kill in the name of religion, ethnic or tribal group to serve as deterrent to others hence it called for justice for Deborah Samuel.

” Just as we are demanding justice for Deborah Samuel, we are demanding justice for others killed like her. The case of Habeeb Idris shot and killed in February by some touts of Baptist High School, Oyun in Kwara State is still unresolved.” She said

The Amirah who appealed to all adherents of different religions to tolerate one another and also respect the teachings of the various creeds stressed that whatever is sacred or sacrosanct to different religions should be treated as such by everyone.

” The killing of Miss Deborah Samuel by some aggrieved and angry people over an alleged blasphemous comment on Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) which she posted on a WhatsApp group was wrong in its entirety. Oyo FOMWAN expresses its condolences to the family of the young lady and calls for indepth investigation into the incident with a view to bringing those involved in the mob action to book.

“Our Prophet, and indeed other Prophets and Messengers of Allah before him, were mocked, insulted and laughed at. This is mentioned in several places in the Quran. Even Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was called a mad man by the pagans in Mecca. Allah says in Quran 48 : 9 that there never came to them a Messenger but was mocked at by his people. There are many instances where in the history of Islam the Holy Prophet Muhammad forgave his worst enemies.

” The story of Abdullah ‘bn Ubay who called Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) the most wretched person readily comes to mind. What did he do to the abuser? He did virtually nothing except for the son of the abuser who requested to kill his father but the Prophet did not permit it.

“One time the Holy Prophet was sitting in the company of Abubakar his best friend when some unbelievers came and started abusing and hurling insults at Abubakar cursing him, his father, mother and entire family. Abubakar just sat down quietly without uttering a word. When those people realized Abubakar did not respond, they started cursing the Prophet. At that point, Abubakar could not bear it any longer because of his love for Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). So he got up and was about to fight the people but the Prophet got up too and started walking away.

” Abubakar was confused. He did not know whether to fight the people or follow the Prophet. So he decided to follow the Prophet and when he got to him and asked why he left. The Prophet said while they were cursing you Angels surrounded us saying Abubakar was committed to the truth. But as soon as you stood up, the Angels flew away and i will not sit in a company where there are no Angels. The Prophet in this story thought Abubakar to be patient in the face of provocation, castigation and even denigration.” Alhaja Oloso recalled.

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