Position of Authority is Service to Humanity, says Dare Adeleke

By Ogundele Olanrewaju

The Executive Chairman, Oyo State Pacesetter Transportation Services, Hon. Dare Adeleke, has disclosed that the essence of anyone being in position of authority is service to humanity.

He made the remark on Wednesday, when he chaired the commissioning of borehole projects built for some orphanage homes in Ibadan, by Alfred Komolafe Foundation, in collaboration with the Mathematics Association of Nigeria (MAN) and the Science Teachers Association of Nigeria (STAN).

Adeleke noted that his life as a humble servant of the people, is about giving service and making life a little easier for people, wherever he finds myself. He commended Governor Seyi Makinde for providing basic facilities for Oyo residents ranging from health, Education, employment opportunities for the youths among others.

He said: “As a humble servant of the people, as you know, I serve my state and the people as the Executive Chairman of the Oyo Pacesetters Transport, my life now as it has always been is about giving service and making life a little easier for people, wherever I find myself.”

“As a father myself to my Biological children and many others God has given me the Grace to become father to, I am very pleased to be associated with the distinguished Alfred Komolafe Foundation, (AKEF).”

“Humanity itself is as old as humans have existed. Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Prophet Muhammed, (Peace be Upon Him), went about not only spreading the message of love but also doing good.”

“They left a common message for their adherents and that message is to be found in humanity. Simply put, doing good.
I must commend the Alfred Komolafe Education Initiative for the grand gesture for which we are all present here today which is the commissioning of a modern borehole built for Orphanage homes in Ibadan.”

“May God continue to reward you. I wish to remind you that no good deed goes unrewarded, as they say.
God Bless you.”

“Another reason why we are here is a particularly noteworthy initiative which is key to building our nation and positioning it for the future. The STEM education system.”

“By my understanding, STEM system simply means an educational curriculum model based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines, which are; science, technology, engineering and mathematics.”

“Proponents of this educational ideology believe that emphasising the sciences is beneficial to the growth of society and country.”

“Fact be told, the only way Nigeria can hope to measure with other countries, especially advanced countries, in development, is by concentrating on the sciences. In a world now driven by science and technology, our nation cannot afford to lag behind.”

“Now that we have individuals investing in space shuttles, like the Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos of this world, and many now buying land in space, as funny as that sounds, the future is moving fast ahead and our children must be equipped with the right education tools to compete with the outside world. It is the only way our nation can move from consumption to production. From analogue to digital age.”

“However, adapting the STEM model does not come without challenges. Do we have qualified teachers, do we have the tools, labs, workshops, equipments and all of that? It’s good to talk about the importance of science but science is not cheap.’

“There are labs to be equipped, apparatus to be purchased, experts to be employed, etc. Factually speaking, science students pay more tuition for education.”

“These and many other factors have hindered many poor students from pursuing their dreams and some institutions from getting accredited science faculties.”

“It is therefore, most heart warming and highly commendable that the Alfred Komolafe Foundation has, in collaboration with the Mathematics Association of Nigeria, (MAN) and the Science Teachers Association of Nigeria (STAN), taken up the huge responsibility
of assistting 100 less privileged students, by providing extra curriculum classes for six months and also the onus of purchasing their JAMB forms.”

“Though registered in 2015, that is, only about six years ago, the AKEF foundation has achieved much in giving to the less privileged, changing lives and other charitable works.”

“I want to assure you today that what makes us better people is when we are positively impacting on other people, especially the less privileged.”

“As they say, humanity is the greatest rewarder. It is indeed a fact and one of the first laws of nature that the more you give, the more you get.”

“I hereby implore everyone here to give liberally without expecting anything in return. We must learn to love every child as if they are our own children.”

“Humanity is the greatest rewarder. The peace you get when you become a giver, is unquantifiable,” Adeleke concluded.

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