Condemns illegal charges levied on them by lecturers and administrators

Urge VC, Governing Council, Education Ministry, SA Students to intervene

By Ogundele Olanrewaju

A group of LAUTECH Nursing Students (ODL) under the aegis of Concerned Nursing Students have cried out to authorities to save them from illegals exorbitant charges levied on them by the Distance Learning Center of the Institution.

According to these students, these fees are paid into the personal account of their Class Rep and not into the official account of the University.

It has being further alleged by these students that some lecturers in cahoot with their Class Rep fix these charges. Some of the charges are OSCE fee, Seminal Fee, Developmental Fee, Faculty Fee, VAT+CBN totalling #8,050 into the private account of one Bomide Samuel Adebowale (UBA/2063221736) who is their Class Rep.

With a student population that is well over 2,000, these illegal fees run into millions and has always been collected but the students are resisting it now citing the biting economic situations of the country.

Concluding, the Students call on the Vice Chancellor, Governing Council, Oyo State Ministry of Education and the Special Assistant to the Governor on students Affairs to urgently intervene to stop this brazen illegality, cheating and debauchery that has now become the stock in trade of the lecturers and administrators of the Distance Learning Center.

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