Motor dealers warn members involving in shady dealings

By Ogundele Olanrewaju

Association of Motor Dealer of Nigeria (AMDON), has cautioned its members on alleged involment in selling stolen vehicles, an allegation leveled against the dealers by the federal government.

AMDON National President, Prince Ajibola Adedoyin, who speak with National Daily news correspondent, who defended his colleagues against the allegation, warned motor dealers not to soil their hands, rather, they should protect the integrity of the association.

National Daily news reported that, he implored members of AMDON to do their business within the confines of the law, charged the motor dealers to pay their levies to the government as and when due.

“We’ve just been able to address some things that were brought as part of the issues on how we’re going to tackle those things headlong, the ones that has to do with the government, we’ve assured them that we’re going to meet the government for discussion.

“By and large, everything that have to do with how do we do our business in the comfortable atmosphere and the same time giving what is due to the government of the day, so that we can have the development that we desired” .

“Human beings cannot live without crisis, leaders are meant to solve crisis and that’s why we have leaders”.

“whatever the crisis we have, is still within the confines of our Association and definitely we’d be able to look for a way to solve it, how be or, we have rules and regulations, we’re not just there without any rules, so everybody should be able to conform to the rules and regulations, then there would be no issues about it, whoever are those that pointed that we have issues, once we can have them, we call them to a round table and there’d be an understanding and the thing would be over.

“My advice to them is that we’re better in unity, so don’t forget that when you have a strong union, you’re trying to uplift your business and to be able to do it in a very good magnet that will not give you some kind of sickening heart whenever you’re doing it and you’ll be able to get your profit the way you want it than saying, no, you don’t want to do that kind of business, government does not deal with individual, they deal with Associations, that’s why we need to come together to be as one, so that we can be able to fight our course before the government”.

“Concerning our business, I want to call on our members to make sure that they do their business within the confines of the law, which is very important and whatever they need to pay to the government they should make sure they pay it, because we’re responsible organization and we’ll not allow anybody within the confines to do anything contrary.
If you’re aware of my last interview I did when the Finance Minister said she feels or from the report she had that more than 40-50% of the car did are stolen vehicles, I challenged that to it and I said no, that none of my members will indulge in the sales of stolen vehicles, why do I say that was that because all our members are registered entities with known locations and such a person that has registered entity and known location cannot include in seeking of stolen vehicles”.

“That’s why it is important to tell them, look, in these areas, you need to calm down and whatever it is that you’re doing you should look at it vice-a-vise of how to make sure that small and medium business are promoted because it is the bane of any economy in any part of the world”.

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