Islamic Scholar Advises JAMB Over Bench-Mark for Intending Students

By Ogundele Olanrewaju

An Islamic Scholar and a professor in Engineering, Professor Sabith Ariyo Olagoke has advised the Joint Admission Matriculation Board to consider minimum bench mark for the intending students.

This was stated during the inauguration of the new president of Central Council of Ibadan Indigenes, which was held in Ibadan house.

Olagoke explained that Incase a candidate scored high mark, and because of the capacity limitations of institutions, the minimum bench mark should be considered.

He noted that “In case candidate scoring very much high, knowing fully well that the capacity of every institution is limited, and is about the best, if the best is at 130 mark and JAMB says 120, so 120 to 129 will no come in, in that case minimum bench mark should be consider.

“In case the minimum bench mark of student is allow able in a University or Polytechnic, then they should be able to accommodate them.

In a similar vein the scholar, urged the new president of the Central Council of Ibadan Indigenes to build upon the legacies of his predecessor in order to achieve success.

He advised that “God and Godliness is fundamental to development so he must realize that not as he is ready to try to ensure he build upon the legacy of his Predecessor, he must be mindful of God as the spirit that will continue to articulate his effort into success.

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