Tinubu has outsmarted everybody, PDP is dead in Lagos – Ogunlewe

Former Minister of works, Senator Seye Ogunlewe has disclosed why he abandoned the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to join ruling All Progressive Congress and why his former party cannot topple Bola Tinubu’s control of Lagos.

Ogunlewe made this known while granting interview with the Punch, he said PDP has lost control of Lagos because its leaders are always hobnobbing with Tinubu.

“In Lagos state, there’s nothing like PDP ” Ogunlewe declared.

“The leadership is corrupt. They would make noise today on the television, tomorrow they are dining with the man. Believe it or not, many politicians and even those that are politically minded know what I’m saying.

“People have seen it, they have witnessed it that these PDP people make noise that when election comes they will perform magic because they want to get money, but what do we see?”

“Tinubu has outsmarted everybody”

“He’s an extremely clever person and you have to study him, either to criticise him or to love him. If you are not discerning and you cannot see facts, you will be having the same thoughts that you had of him ten years ago.

“Honestly, I am so perplexed about the way he has been able to perform this magic. I didn’t believe it but he has done so.

“Who in the entire country can install the President, the Vice-President, the Senate President and the Speaker? For eight years?

“One person! Don’t you think there is something in that person we have to admire? He would determine who was going to be governor of Imo State; Yobe State; Ogun State, Osun State, and he would be correct.

He would determine who was going to be ministers and those people would be appointed. He would determine who was going to get appointed as ambassador and such persons would get it.

“Whether you like him or you hate him, just focus on his person. How has he been able to get to this level? That is what is amazing to me. You see people groping in the dark: he is this, he is that, but the man has moved on. Are you going to sit down with your frustration? The man doesn’t even know that you are frustrated.

“This man, one single person, installed a presidency in Nigeria. Who has done so before? He is the rallying point for Nigerian politics today and he has the background of political development; he has the knowledge. Hate him or love him.

Asked whether he loves Tinubu or hate him, he replied:

I’m discerning. I’m marvelled at how he has been able to lift himself up from almost nobody to this envious position that every Nigerian knows his name today”, he replied.

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